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About us

HISP Tanzania is part of the global Health Information Systems Programme (HISP)

HISP Tanzania is a proud member of the global Health Information Systems Programme (HISP) network. As a part of this international network, we collaborate with our various partners worldwide to share knowledge, and best practices in information, technology and governance.

We are architects of digital progress.

Our expertise lies in designing and implementing integrated information frameworks and solutions using open source software and open standards. We thrive on challenges and excel at creating simplified solutions for the future.

Quality service.

Our approach towards quality service delivery is driven by getting to know our clients, fast response to clients queries, constantly improving, going the extra mile and thinking long term.

Certified tools and people

We employ a mix of open source and enterprise tools with well-known support communities and proven track record.We engage certified and experienced professionals throughout the development life cycle.

Certified tools and people

In all our solutions we put our clients and end-users at the heart of the design and testing processes ensuring the systems we develop to provide desirable outcomes.

Collaborative development, implementation and empowering information for action”.

Our Philosophy

Our Quest and Code

With a deep understanding of information systems and a keen eye for detail, HISP Tanzania is driven by a common goal:

Our Mission

We develop solutions for complex challenges with speed and excellence

Our Values

We are committed to integrity, collaboration and continuous improvement, leveraging our expertise to provide exceptional services and make a positive impact in the healthcare industry.