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Our team

We are a passionate team of exceptional individuals committed to empowering governments, organizations, and communities. We use effective ICT solutions to drive development and provide innovative and practical solutions. We bring our diverse skills together to create data-driven solutions that make a real impact.

We are agile

We develop solutions for complex challenges with speed and excellence

We are innovative

We have deep local expertise that solves today’s problems, in various industries, with modern and future-focused solutions

We are collaborative

We create value in our partnerships through our rich data bank of knowledge

Meet our leadership

Ismail Kololeni

Managing Director

‘We pride ourselves on our speed, agility and wealth of information on the environment that we operate in, this comes from our heart for community development. We also have an exceptional ability to apply our approach to global scenarios.’

Wilfred Senyoni

Project Manager

Khadija Mzava


Frida Mndeme

Project Administration Team Leader

Joseph Chingalo

IS Development Team Leader

Meet our team

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