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Our portfolio

Our services revolve around simplifying data management, enhancing data quality and leveraging the power of information to drive informed decision-making and positive outcomes.

Data analysis and visualization

We interpret data to provide extensive insight, presenting valuable observations, patterns and trends through intuitive visual formats

DHIS2 implementation

We use the versatile health information system,  DHIS2, to enable organizations to effectively manage their data, make informed decisions, and enhance healthcare outcomes.

Training programs

We specialise in conducting DHIS2 academies and comprehensive information systems implementation training programs across the African continent. We leverage our knowledge and experience to equip individuals and organizations with the skills needed to maximize the outcomes of their systems.

Information systems development

 We build custom solutions that address our client needs. We focus on enhancing business operations and more efficient project management.

Research and Innovation

We leverage our connection to local institutions, resources and individuals to support our partners at multiple levels and develop future-focused solutions.