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Elevating health data management in Somalia

The Ministry of Health in Somalia is exercising a commitment to informed decision-making through the implementation of dhis2, a robust web-based system serving as the main health management information system.  Dhis2 enables real-time data reporting, monitoring, and program-specific tracking, ensuring coordinated and grounded interventions in health.

The implementers
  • HISP Tanzania
  • University of Oslo
  • WHO Somalia
The challenge

Manual data gathering and aggregation using paper tools have led to data quality issues, delays, and missing information across health facilities. Somalia faces gaps in compliance with global WHO standards, resulting in delayed actions for disease surveillance. Data security and privacy concerns, limited accessibility, and inefficient cost practices further hinder progress.

The solution
  1. Data Collection Tools Revision: Collaborative efforts with HISP Tanzania, Ministry of Health and WHO to revise data reporting tools for harmonisation and compliance with global standards
  2. Digital Management Information System: Development and Implementation of a DHIS2-based digital Health Management Information System to support data reporting, integrating the revised tools with automated data quality checks and verification.
The impact

Our intervention has resulted in a more organised and consistent approach to reporting health program data. We’ve supported compliance with global WHO standards, enhancing the reliability and accessibility of data. These changes empower better decision-making and planning in the health sector.