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Reducing HIV infection and vulnerability in Lesotho

The Karabo ea Bophelo (KB) OVC-DREAMS Project is a solution aimed at preventing new HIV infections and reducing vulnerability among orphans and vulnerable children, adolescent girls, and young women in Lesotho.

The implementers
  • HISP Tanzania
  • PSI
  • M2M
  • Baylor Lesotho
The challenge

 Multiple data management systems resulted in inefficient service provision tracking, data duplication, delayed reporting, and data quality issues.

The solution

HISP Tanzania developed and implemented the Integrated OVC-DREAMS Information System.

What is the OVC-DREAMS Information System?

This web-based system and mobile application harmonizes service provision processes, automated data analysis, and improved data quality. It streamlined the tracking of beneficiaries , service , and referrals , while facilitating real-time data use among multiple partners and systems.

The system’s features include

  •  Support for native language
  • Offline data storage
  • Online data synchronisation 
  • Real-time tracking, monitoring, and reporting of services
  • Service provision process assessment 
  • Automated data analysis 
  • Report generation
The impact

It has ensured security and privacy, improved planning, decision-making, and policy-making capabilities for KB.