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System Integration for a robust East African COVID-19 response

The  COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected all aspects of the  global trade sector. In order to mitigate the regional effects, the East African Community (EAC) collaborated to implement better standard operating procedures.

The implementors

HISP Tanzania, University of Dar es Salaam and the University of Oslo, The Ministry of Health

The challenge

Separate and inefficient data management systems resulting in difficulty collecting, tracking and reporting payments and health data.

The solution

The EAC partner states developed systems for real time tracking and screening procedures of travellers in transit across East African countries. The following developments were implemented to address the integration effort:

  • PimaCOVID – A system for travellers to book COVID-19 tests from more than 60 facilities across Tanzania and receive results.
  • ChanjoCOVID – A system for individuals to self-register for vaccinations at preferred sites. 
  • RECDTS Application- A web based system used to verify test results  and vaccine certificates for travellers and drivers within ports of entries across East Africa.

To strengthen the Tanzanian COVID-19 response and the East African response at large, integration of the  Information Management Systems was crucial for testing, sample collection, travel and results. HISP Tanzania provided technical support and ensured seamless synchronization of traveller information across the systems.

The impact

The integrated system supports registration of individuals for testing, it is free of charge and easy to use. Factors such as payment, results and data security have all been streamlined so as to ensure an efficient service. Furthermore, due to its efficiency, efforts are being made to integrate the system into other community systems in Africa.